Jan 09, 2004

Welcome to Blogging

Welcome aboard the blogging phenominon. What will happen to your weekly email ezine?

A daily blog may cut into 'upFront.eZine' unless you mix some content from the week of blog posts into the ezine. I surely would not want to lose either option.

I look forward to checking your blog by visiting, and also with an RSS aggregator when you get around to enabling a RSS feed. Imagine your new slogan "On your desktop, within a minute, piping hot and fresh CAD News." RSS feeds allow you to quickly parse the headlines or articles for interest from many sources.

Shaan Hurley

ralphg replies: "The upFront.eZine e-newlsetter continues its weekly schedule. The blog allows us to post: (1) material more quickly; and (2) material that would not otherwise appear in upFront."
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