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Apr 11, 2012


Kevin E.

Back the truck up here a little bit. The security didn't get broken. The password was compromised, not the security.

Couldn't this same thing happen for your desktop computer?

Ralph Grabowski

Could the same happen on my desktop computer? Yes, and that is precisely the point: that the cloud is not safer than desktop computing, due to security issues at the client end.

Oleg Shilovitsky

Ralf, the link you provided on your blog above is broken. Actually you copy/past extra space which was "escape coded". The right link is here -- http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/04/11/zeus_based_trojan_targets_payrolls/

If, as you said, cloud is as safe as PC, this is really good news. So, everybody can leverage cost efficiency of the cloud solutions.

Ralph Grabowski

The cloud as safe as the desktop is good news? No, because the cloud should be safer, else there is one fewer reason to use it.

Dave Ault

Ralph nothing these cloud guys claim can be proved especially in the CAD world. "Leverage cost efficiency of the cloud solutions"???!!! What the heck does this market pr babblespeak mean? Now I am commenting on the cloud re CAD. Not one of these cloud proponents has spelled out obligations between buyer and seller nor indemnifications for buyers. They also have not provided proof of concept yet for this. When will this pay for play monster just die and go away is the big question I would like an answer to. The deafening silence by cloud proponents to address numerous concerns by users I think speaks for itself.

Ralph Grabowski

My understanding of the Indemnity Clause is that it reads something like the following:

"If we screw up, you're screwed."

Dave Ault

Ha! Ralph you forgot that they will still send you a bill for that months screwing and expect you to pay it if you want to keep using your data.

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