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Jan 29, 2011


Anna Wood

If you have used Catia V6 you have seen SolidWorks Live Building. This is Catia V6 with a custom Workbench for Live Buildings, being marketed under the SolidWorks brand.

Matt Lombard


Thanks for posting this. This is a nice preview.

Rick Damiani

I hope that's not really a history tree for the structure. Not only would such a thing not scale to larger projects (can you imagine how ginormus such a thing would get for a skyscraper?), the whole concept of a history tree for structures would be hugely limiting. Not being able to relocate pilings because of a dependency in the third stall of a bathroom on the 43rd floor would get old really quick...

More likely that part that looks like a history tree is actually the view manager. Other parametric building tools that I've worked with (primarily Revit, Architectural Desktop, and Chief Architect) use something that looks like a history tree to keep track of sheets, views, and groups.

A typical architectural data set for a non-trivial project will include dozens (hundreds for large buildings or a campus) of different sheets and views. These will include things like wall sections, construction details, interior elevations, floor plans, ceiling plans, piping and HVAC layouts and schematics, fixture schedules and so forth.

'Parametric', in the context of AEC, means less about what happens with the 3D elements than it does with what happens to what mechanical people would think of as the sketch elements. The desinger drives the shell, structural elements, and floor plans with dimensions and relations, while the walls and other 3D elements are constructed automatically from the styles that are assigned to them.

Vladimir Malukh

Ralph, thanks for that post. I've published russian translation on



Anna: thanks for pointing out the Catia V6 base. DassaultWorks didn't, unfortunately, shows us Catia, but LiveBuildings only.

Oleg Shilovitsky

Ralph, the UI is CATIA V6. UI frame is ENOVIA V6 / 3DLive. The framework was introduced about 3-4 years ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0-Y3yzNQZQ&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL. Best, Oleg

Ralph Grabowski

Then, SolidWorks should have shown Catia V6 a year ago; probably would have made things less traumatic for them and their customers.

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