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Oct 15, 2010



Ralph - is insulting Mac users really a winning strategy to sell them your book on AutoCAD for Mac?

It's an interesting marketing strategy, I have to admit.


Really Ralph? Is this what you've sunk to? Hard to sell CAD books w/o sensationalism? Pathetic.

And you have no idea what a fanboy really is.

Tim Markoski

Hey Sean,

How about an actual refutation instead of the ad hominem attacks?

If Ralph is so incredibly wrong it should be easy for you to prove it so.



I and others, have discussed the "issues" he has with Macs in many other posts. To then use our quotes to help him profit from his book is, well, baffling at first and reeks of desperation.

There is nothing to refute here. It's been done before. If this is how this "journalist" wants to make his living then so be it. It's pathetic in my opinion.


Autodesk have a blog post out on AutoCAD for Mac:


The last item reads "Multi-threaded CPU core use via Grand Central Station dispatch". Is it really true that this isn't in the Windows version?

Gary - Vectorworks user

Setting aside any useful information about AC Mac version ... why for gods sake would anyone with a lick of sense give any credence at all for a *tutorial* to OS X for Windows users by someone who a) obviously does not like the OS or the hardware and b) obviously has never really learned proficiency in using same? His repeated complaints about the OS serve to point up just how limited his abilities with X are. What the hell kind of tutor is that?

If you're new to the Mac and OS X, for your own sake, get yourself a qualified tutor. Not a bumbler who not only can't find his way around OS X but uses that as an excuse for complaints which serve to propagate his ignorance?

If you don't know how to do something or how something works .. ..the proper course is to say *Lets find out!* Then go about finding a solution to your problem, or answer to your question not whine and complain how it doesn't work as a rationale not to learn.

scratch projects

So does AutoCAD 2012, useful if you need Rhino solids with planar faces to go into AutoCAD as AutoCAD 3DSolids that can be edited in AutoCAD with solid edit tools (if you export from Rhino to DWG, the solids go into AutoCAD as solids composed of surfaces, rather than solids composed of Regions - they look fine and you can do booleans but can't move faces, etc or use dynamic UCS). I can get Rhino 4 .3DM imported, but not Rhino 5, and all the objects in the Rhino drawing end up as a single block, layering info is lost, as is colour info (sometimes). Still useful though.

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