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Sep 07, 2010




You must be able to read Cyrillic much better than me. I went to the site and did not see any way to get an english translation so I do not know if there is an english version available, if there is a trial version, etc.


Wes M.

Pfft. EVERYTHING is faster than AutoCAD 2011!

Kevin E.

I think it is fine to make Autocad competitors. But come, don't just rip off the UI of Autocad. It looks a lot like autocad. Don't copy, do something different and make a better product.

Account Deleted

Cyrillic UI of nanocad limits its areal to Russian-speaking users. There is also fairly active nanocad users' forum on nanocad.ru. Current UI of nanocad was created according to massive discussion results of it on the forum. It looks like AutoCAD because people want it to look that way :-)


That's a huge minus they dont have english version of nanocad. installation file weights 67 Mb, and its freeware.

I just tried out autocad-alike software (ProgeCad, CMS INTELLICAD, BricsCad)- and it was soooo bad. There is no way you could do real work with those (im structural designer and use autodesk systems a lot). I would not pay a cent for this kind of software.

And finally i checked this nanocad. It seems fast. and its probably does 2D drawings on good enough level - but the problem was Cyrillic, is not recognized on my english vista. If any one would need a guide how to download it , register and start using feel free to contact me



I wish I could see a download button :(


to get an english translation:
1. close nanoCAD
2. delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nanosoft\nanoCAD\2.5
3. rename "ncad.wld" to "ncad_rus.wld"
4. run ncad.exe in same folder


I am beta testing 3.2 at the moment. I find it funny when people say "don't copy AutoCAD's UI", they would be the same people that say "I don't have the time to learn a new UI". I'm very happy with the beta so far.


That is a Full English version!


Nanocad have problems with to much objects.
I got a drawing with 75426 Lines and 905KB (export of 2D-Layout from TopSolid).

To anderstand the problem i modified all Lines to the same Coordinates. All 75426 Line from 0,0,0 to 1,1,0 .
I also deactiviate the preselection for better mouseover.
When i move the mouse over the lines, it isn't smoothly in the square 1x1.
Arround the lines the Mouse is very smooth.

When i xclip this drawing(use it as block or Xref) i got the same issue only on the visible clipped area.

So for me the maximum of Nanocad is reached.
There are no solution yet.

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