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Aug 26, 2010



Rendering is not as dangerous to life and limb as is FEA, but I have wondered about the accuracy of renderings. For instance, just today a CAD vendor updated their rendered with these corrections:

-- more light in interior scenes that include some daylighting
-- the elimination of shadow artifacts in corners

Steve Johnson

I think Roopinder is selling the profession short when he says he was forgetting his press hat. I'd say it is an important part of the press's job to ask awkward questions, and to follow them up if answers are not forthcoming.

If press (and bloggers, for that matter) just sit back and unquestioningly swallow whatever we are shown and told at demos, what is the point of being there? Other than the free trip, obviously? Why not just stay at home, reprint the press release, pretend it's news and have done with it?

I'd still like to know why there is a stress hot spot in that piston ring groove. Roopinder, please ask again; it's a very relevant question to anybody who might be interested in buying the software. Is it an error in the design, in the use of the software, or in the software itself?

If you don't get an answer (a real one, I mean), then we need to know about that, too. That way, potential buyers can draw their own conclusions from any truth-avoidance and act accordingly, for example by practicing purchase-avoidance.

Ken Elliott

I took training on a rather specialized FEA package, using a stand-alone version and a CAD-plug-in version. The results for a well-understood device seemed correct for the stand-alone version, but the plug-in was way off the mark. Off enough to kill the product line - if we trusted the results - which we didn't.

I mention this to share the observation that even products from the same vendor (said to share the same solver code) can give vastly different answers.

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