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Apr 14, 2010


Roos Jaikanen

Interesting piece of news/rumour. Its quite a coincidence that when Adobe sells off the TTF business, which was based in Lyon(France), Datakit which is also based in Lyon (from their webiste), has stopped giving the Solidworks importer for Mcneel to include in Rhino?

The customers who bought translators from Adobe can buy other products from the market.

Vinay Wagle


Thanks for highlighting how important and equally difficult it is to keep the translation technology up-to-date as the underlying file formats change. CCE has been doing this successfully for 20 years now, and this is a key focus for the company. Its not without reason that 3 of top 5 CAD vendors rely on our interop technology. Obviously translation technology has never been a focus for Adobe. In light of the recent developments from Adobe, we are working very hard to create full-blown replacements for Adobe's 3D PDF based end-user products.

Vinay Wagle
VP Sales & Marketing

Adobe Investor

Lets see: the brilliant minds at Adobe paid a reported $25+ millions to acquire TTF technology, tick off more uncounted millions to create the 3D pdf technology on top of that, all to finally sell the failed technology to some other company for peanuts while at the same time tick off many customers who purchased their product? Does anyone know how much Adobe got in this stupendous bargain?

Where are activist shareholders when you need one?

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