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Jan 14, 2010


matt lombard

I agree with what you're saying, but I think there is something additional at play here. The act of creating a corporation is the act of depersonalizing an organization - removing the face of any individual. The phrase "corporate drone" has come to point out that some people are very good at depersonalizing themselves and blending into the corporate story line.

Blogging is a heart-on-your-sleeve heat-of-the-moment sort of thing, which is not really the strength of personality-less drones. If an individual were a great blogger and doing that job for a corporate blog, they would tend to become the face of the corporation, which I would guess the corporate PR people would discourage.

Corporations are too careful, too deliberate, to allow success in a medium that values immediate response and speculative opinion. After all, blogging is really about bringing power to individuals, wresting it back from the corporate usurpers. In my opinion, corporate blogs really "should" fail.

Scott Sheppard

I author my blog to convey information about what Autodesk Labs has to offer as well as my personality. If my blog is boring, then my personality is boring, because that blog is all me.

Tom Shoemaker

Ralph –

I appreciate your comments.

You’re right; we’ve taken our foot off the blogging gas. But, we’ve been churning away in R&D and are vetting with customers plans for more social-savvy solutions.

Still, we need to better balance the internal effort and the external communication.

More coming soon or the drinks are on me.

Dry & Corporate Czar

Shaan Hurley

6 years blogging as the first Autodesk blog started as a science experiment. Still going strong in my own style and voice. A mix of tips, tricks, latest information, fun, warped humor, and stuff you may not find anywhere else but hopefully never stuffy or boring.

I think blogs no matter the source being corporate or not can be "dry & boring" but that is really in most cases the author, subject content, voice, layout, or the energy to properly care and feed a blog and gain an audience and keep the attention.

All blogs are susceptible to dry and boring, no blog is immune from that challenge.


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