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Nov 12, 2009


R. Paul Waddington

You would wonder if Autodesk's management can sleep at night knowing they are the purveyors of this rubbish and knowing they can never support the claims; with factual evidence relevant to real life.

In the past, I have personally contacted one of the 'independent' researchers for details on how the test were done only to be told I would need permission from Autodesk? - and that was never given.

Equally I have contacted some of those 'very fortunate customers' who have 'benefited' from productivity improvements, as seen in adverts. Guess what - no REAL or repeatable assessments to determine true productivity improvements were done - just guess work.

And who could forget the AutoCAD Mechanical Productivity Study Booklet that in one statement, claimed a productivity increase of 1500% for one function and then on the next page rolled out a productivity improvement 7800%.

Is it any wonder Autodesk sales staff are likened to used car salespersons when they are given these tools to work with by some very out of touch management and marketing people.

But all this begs the question; if we users don't believe what is said why do they persist? Is it Autodesk's management's fault they can continue to say these things; or is it the customers fault for not bombarding Autodesk's management with the facts and taking a public stance on the issue as well?

Duncan Thomas

After having learnt CAD 10 years ago in an office I'm now looking to but either AutoCAD or Microstation Powerdraft for my own use as an architect comeing back int othe profession.

What's the verdict on which system is better. Microstation still seems to be able to do some things that you have to do a long way round with AutoCAD?

Ragnar Thor Mikkelsen

I'd say as Lou Reed: You'r still doing things I gave up years ago :-)

(btw, I am the reader from Norway)

To be serious, don't use plain AutoCAD for architectual work. If you want it simple, try Bricscad, a friendlier "lookalike" or "clone" (yes, I sell it). If you want to concentrate on your work, try ArchiCAD, Revit, Rhino + Visual ARQ or similar. Lokk for IFC export, in case you want to work with some HVAC, Electrical or construction engineers. Draw walls, doors and windows in 3D, not lines and arcs.

Back to the topic.
I have been sitting next to a customer with an extremely old version of Catia on a Windows NT computer the last few days. He is switcing to Rhino because the Dassault wants 10.000 Euros to give him a new license for Windows XP or Vista, and new computers won't run NT. The point is, he designs his aluminium boats and produces cutting files faster on that NT machine that never crashes than most people can do with newer software and hardware.

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