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Oct 05, 2009


Bob Holtzmann

Great news! I'm sure that a $11,000 fine will be enough to make all of those Autodesk-fueled bloggers (with their biased market-speak) clam up -- particularly about things like how great the Revit 2010 ribbon is.


good thing to do as well!

although the figure of $11,000 does not make sense to me...

economic penalty for an ethical requirement does not always work!


What would be even cooler, would be to hit up jaded talkbackers with a fine. For example, I am part of a vendor (ok, still in stealth, but nonetheless), but I identify myself with my real name and organization. Having talkbackers/responders with made up identities posing as customers - that should be a punishable misrepresentation.

Evan Yares

It probably won't hold up. It's that First Amendment issue.

Brad Holtz

What's a bloger? Does a tweet count? Where's the opportunity for a 200 word disclaimer in a 140-charachter tweet? What about commentary in blogs? Do the same rules apply?

(No compensation in any form was offered or received by me in consideration for my posting of this comment)

Did I really need to say that?

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