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Oct 09, 2009


Norm C.

I remember having some trouble myself to install it in Ubuntu.

I think I wrote notes on my installation, I'll try to find them...

P. P.

Works flawlessly in openSUSE 11.1.

Gianfranco Bianchi

Try "sudo sh medusa4_v3_1_1_linux_personal.sh" to have write access to the /opt folder.


you need the "sudo" before firing the command for executing the .sh shell script. although for a seasoned linux user that is a common thing to know, the company should write it in the instructions and warn about the inappropriate use of the sudo command!

Norm C.

Didn't find any notes, sorry.

But I remembered that I had trouble making the installer work till I entered the complete path for the web browser in the installer window.

Account Deleted

LinuxMint 11 Gnome - Program reported that the install. When you run there is only a message box about the authorship. But the Medusa4 v5.0.1 does not work. Reinstalling is not corrected the situation.

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