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Sep 07, 2009


Evan Yares

SoftDev does work for some very well-known CAD companies. Yet, as a general rule, even its customers don't know who all its other customers are.

The one SoftDev customer that is public knowledge is the Open Design Alliance.

Dmitry Ushakov

Ralph, just a small remark: St.Petersburg was founded 300 years ago, not 400.

Dmitry Ushakov

SoftDev website mentions some of the products the company took part in the work on: http://www.softdevspb.com/projects.php
One can easily restore the customer names from that list.

Ralph Grabowski

When I asked about ODA, they replied, "ODA do not welcome mention of SoftDev," according to my notes.

Evan Yares

Re: "ODA do not welcome mention of SoftDev."

Not surprised.

Still, since I signed the original development contract between SoftDev and the ODA, I have first hand knowledge of the relationship.

Irina Voronkina

Ralf, just a small clarification on the dates: KOMPAS for Windows was launch in 1997 and parametrisation appears in 1998.

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