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Apr 09, 2009


AutoCAD Alternative Indeed!

Got my own response here: http://cadcam3d.blogspot.com/2009/04/free-autocad-hoax.html

(sites your blog BTW, many thanks for the timely updates!)


Why not start your own company.?
In NJ after you use up Obomia's unemployment extension money you can get a state grant to start your own company. You can pay yourslef a salary with the grant money.
America is great. I realize I can not even spell the president's name!
This is better than LBJ's great society.

Earl Kubaskie

"Their own company" won't last long using the "free" software.

The first client that ends up with their drawings infested with the education version's watermark will be their last client.

Matt Stachoni

BTW, it's "Slashdot," not "slash.dot," which aside from just looking a bit odd, is completely redundant.

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