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Apr 02, 2009



not McNeel ?


Matt Lombard

How fast do you wanna bet SolidWorks has Mac version now? This will be funny to watch.

Henrik Vallgren

The problem with most API's nowadays is that they're either tied into MFC/Win32 or even worse: the .Net. Outside Windows, that spells trouble. There are things like Wine but I'd expect any attempt to become another AutoCAD R13 experience.


The last version of MicroStation released for the (classic) Mac OS was version SE, which won't easily work on Intel Macs (or in versions from 10.5 onwards due to Apple's taking the classic OS behind the woodshed and shooting it in the head off-stage when Leopard came out).

The problems for both Bentley and Autodesk in producing Mac OS X versions is that they've tied themselves to Microsoft's apron-strings in the form of DirectX.

The same DirectX, which (and I say this between gritted teeth) can't deal with dual monitors, unlike OpenGL. Way to go, guys.


(Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop, or VMware Fusion) are not emulators.

They run Windows no different than on a Dell--just that Parallels and Fusion run the 2 OS side by side. Virtual PC was an emulator.


A non-OSX native version of AutoCAD is no Mac version. Mac users can already boot to Windows using Bootcamp, at which point it is just another PC running AutoCAD like everyone else. Emulators are not really an option as peformance is generally inadequate. It has to be native or there is no point really .. OSX is why you chose a Mac.

Norm C.

There is the mono project, which is a cross-platform, open source .NET development framework. Although I guess the original application code would need a lot of rewrite to make it work.

And what about Bricsys? They're working on a Linux version of Briscad. From there, how hard could it be to make an OS X version from it? It looks to me like it would be a smart move.


Unless you have run AutoCAD on Parallels properly configured to run in a Windows on a properly outfitted machine (ie. plenty of Ram), it is very unfair to give opinions about the speed of the performance. Most are shocked at just how responsive it is. A product such as the AutoCAD Clone progeCAD Professional ($399) simply flies. So, to all of you naysayers go check out http://www.autocadformac.com

Tony Tanzillo

NX and other Inventor competitors probably would not be considered as competitive with AutoCAD.

If Autodesk is loosing seats of anything to NX running on MAX or Linux, it is Inventor seats, not AutoCAD seats.

Stefan Boeykens

Interesting to see what comes out of it. I agree with many of the opinions here: make it a proper OSX application or none at all.

But (and this is not always true in OSX apps) provide not the abundance of floating windows, make sure keyboard access is fully functional, make it compatible (plugins! scripting! files etc...).

Not an easy task with Direct3D for viewports, .NET for plugins and all the other Microsoft technologies they have embedded (e.g. VBA which seems to be going out, slowly).

RhinoOSX is a good approach (but currently incomplete and lacking plugins such as Grasshopper).

Jeffrey McGrew

While an AutoCAD on the Mac would be nice, Revit on the Mac would be way nicer!

I haven't used AutoCAD in many years now, and doubt I could go back anyways. Revit is also owned by Autodesk, and already has a lot of people out there (like me) running it on Boot Camp/Parallels anyways.

But with the DirectX and .Net API I doubt we'll see it anytime soon.


Nobody really gives a about Mac. We want a GNU/Linux version.

Larry Leake

Do you all really believe that an Autocad for Mac survey posted on April 1st is for real?


bring it on mac, get to the 21st century :)

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