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Apr 06, 2009


David Kozina

While I applaud Autodesk's intent to help those on the short end of this economy's stick, I also wonder what the potential is for abuse of this kind provision. Is there some sort of plot stamp watermark in effect (like the Educational stamp)?, or can the software be used for commercial use? How does this differ from a simple 30-day trial version download (other than lasting 12 times longer)? And simply 'spot checking your former employer' seems like a perfect opportunity for dishonesty. Similar to people hopping on a bus after a minor accident and then filing for insurance benefits for fake injury claims. (I haven't had time to see the videos referenced by the Autodesk bloggers on this matter - perhaps they answer these and other questions.)


It is educationally watermarked for personal use. If it was commercial it would not benefit the unemployed. Spot checking is something to help ensure honesty in the market, but otherwise the watermark takes over if a company is dishonest enough to pull the wool over on Autodesk and will eventually be dealt with when it comes to the piracy division. I would think that enough people know not to mess with Autodesk when it comes to lawyers. Also the certification exams are two level (associate and professional) and each cost 20 bucks each.

Dennis Jeffrey

The software IS watermarked "Educational"

So, there should be little worries about competing with pruchased software.

David Kozina

Thanks for the clarifications.

Brian Benton

This is not really new. The education versions have been available for "free" for a very long time. All you needed was a valid school e-mail address! Anyone that has such an address can join, for free, Autodesk's student Community and get access to the software. They are simply making it available to people that are not in school now. they are out nothing, or at most, very little. That being said, they only did it because their competitors did it first. But again, anyone not taking advantage of this to sharpen their skills and stay up to date is wasting a great opportunity. The student community site has tutorials on all of the software. unemployed AutoCAD'ers could learn a new program, or get better at the one they use now, for free!

Tony Tanzillo

"So how does Autodesk tell if you really are unemployed? You have to hand over the names of your former employer and human resources contact, and then Autodesk will spot-check that your former boss really was mean enough to fire you."

Seems to me that this program is more about gathering information, because if one has recently become unemployed, they should be able to easily prove that with unemployment benefits documentation.

Tony Tanzillo

"It is educationally watermarked for personal use".

In other words, it is of no use at all for someone that might want to do some freelance or consulting work in order to survive while they're looking for a new permanent job.

Coming from one of the biggest advaocates and supporters of the offshoring of customer jobs (presumably because each North American job involving the use of an Autodesk product that leaves our shores leads to the sale of a new license for the offshore replacement worker), this appears to be a cheap PR stunt rather than something that is truly intended to assist the victims of Autodesk's history of advocating and supporting the offshoring of US jobs.

Then again, some have had the audicity to suggest that the new 'AutoCAD Exchange" and the 'revamped' discussion groups complete with international character support, are mainly intended to serve as a means for us to unwittingly train and support our offshore replacements.

AutoCAD Alternative Indeed!

Aw yeah they care sooo much about the little guy... oops wait did you say these are the same ones that just tripled their upgrade price for paying customers?

Here's an idea. We all go on strike against Autodesk prices by quitting our engineering jobs and applying for free 13 month handouts.

Then once Autodesk is bankrupt no one can take people to court for buying used copies on ebay and we all get AutoCAD for what it's really worth (auctions don't lie).

Cool huh?

Michael Winston Whitter

Dear Sir,Madam,
I have heard of Autodesk saying that it is possible
for students and unemployed, I am presently
unemployed but have worked with Cad for a long time
the information that required for askes for E-mail and other contacts from former employer I do not have all of this information but my CV gives information of former employers, Am I in a position to apply for the software, as mentioned I am unemployed and wish to make a lot of good use of the
software, please can you inform if I am eligible to
get this software and if not, any means by which I
can get a copy, my reasons for not having all information to past employment has been due to health
Problems, which is why I am unemployed, I would be grateful for any advice to deal with this situation.
I required I can forward on my CV.


Michael Whitter

John Husband

Hi, I will be become unemployed at the end of December (2018) and would like to install AutoCAD and Inventor on my home work station.
This to enable re training in preparation for job search.
I am a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and been employed with my present company for 6.5years.
I have experience with AutoCAD but only limited knowledge of Inventor.
My HR contact is Tracey Grantham - [email protected]

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