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Nov 22, 2008



This is good to hear. Bricscad is now the best of the Intellicad-derived products on Linux, but this would be a great improvement.

Yes, it would be a commercial product, for a price, but pretty cheap compared to Autocad.


"Brisys began a rewrite of Bricscad four years ago, to make it independent of the ITC."

Wally, what about this statement says that bricsys has anything to do with IntelliCAD?

And why, if it still actually was IntelliCAD, would you be able to say it was the best? Have you tested every IntelliCAD brand in depth and for a length of time of more than a few hours?

I think there a lot of disallusioned customers out there who might disagree with that statment.

Statements that are not backed up with facts should be kept to oneself.

you wouldn't perhaps work for bricscad would you?


I've been doing CAD drafting since the 1980's and have owned companies that did drafting. I have opinions. I stated them. You are certainly entitled to yours, too - what are they?

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