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Sep 08, 2008


R.Paul Waddington

Bass said, "You really have to look at where those products are being sold. You know, a copy of Inventor sold in Vietnam is different than a copy of Inventor sold in Western Europe or the United States."

In sales terms why? Does 1= something other than one in Vietnam?

Bass, "The real important measure is the adoption. As I pointed out in the past, I think things like attach and renewal rates [of subscriptions/maintenance] are a really good proxy for adoption."

Maybe Autodesk would like to publish the numbers of registered software. Want to work out success based on adoption, registration has to be closer to the REAL number not proxies like subscription renewals; they are open to spin in the same manner sales of Inventor Series is used to distort the facts!

Natarajan Ramamoorthy

You are right. Adoption is more important than seat count. It is known, in the Autodesk Reseller community, that Inventor seat count just happens because it gets 'attached' to an AutoCAD sale. Did you also know that when a customer renews his/ her AutoCAD, he is also provided Inventor either for free or for a small (read miniscule) additional price? Renewal of AutoCAD would then also indicate that Inventor is getting used 'somewhere' down the pipeline right? Ask the Inventor reseller. Even with Autodesk Subscription renewal you cannot be sure whether it was for 2D or 3D or both. The debates goes on and on and on. One thing would sure be an impartial indicator, I guess. How many job sites ask for Inventor vis a vis other CAD toolsets? A simple reflection of demand for the toolset knowledge? Fair enough?

Kevin Robinson

I would love to hear feedback on ways, methods and ideas on measuring adoption of 3d modelers or any software for that matter.

Owners vs. users - how should it be measured?

Kevin Robinson

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