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Apr 11, 2008



Interestingly, from what I can see in the images, your NanoEngineer looks suspiciously like SolidWorks. The confirmation corner in the upper right of the graphics window, the triad in the lower left, the headings in the property mgr to the left, the look of the command mgr, even the default background fade. The rulers are different, and some of the colored icons look different. The pictures aren't that detailed, but it looks like SolidWorks to me.

Maybe they will just offer the portion of the code that sits on top of SW as the "open source", since I doubt SW is going to make any code public.

Deelip Menezes

See www.nanorex.com

Tihamer Toth-Fejel

If you want to read up on nanotechnology (as opposed to colloidal chemistry), in addition to Nanorex's web site, there is Foresight's at http://www.foresight.org/ and Zyvex's at http://www.zyvex.com/. The best introductory book is Nanofuture by J. Storrs Hall.


Is it SolidWorks? The screenshot at that site looks very much like it with some icon changes.

Also, one of the job openings says:
"SolidWorks knowledge a huge plus"

Tihamer Toth-Fejel

Nanoengineer does *not* run on top of SolidWorks. It is written in Python.


I just wanted to add a note to the "quite pessimistic" assessment of my COFES talk. The first part of the talk was most definately intended as a wake-up call on all sixteen of the "ingredients" for our "secret sauce" of innovation. However, the last part of the presention went point by point -- all 16 factors -- into what can be done to regain a competitive edge. I'd hope that the take away was more of a kick in the pants, than a funk about the now-past good old days.

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