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Feb 28, 2008



Exactly! Thank you!

Jon Banquer

Neither journalists, bloggers or users seem to care that CAD systems like SolidWorks have no easy way to quickly show the user all the complex file relations that often exist in a part and /or assembly. Instead you are relegated to a low level tool where you must roll back in the Feature Manager and try to figure out how the part was built. This is important because if you don't understand what the complex relations are and you need to modify a model or assembly you end up with a model that won't regenerate. A product like Solidmap is available for SolidWorks but it has been poorly reviewed and it's very expensive. Joel Orr has made what I consider to be some very valuable points on this subject that have basically been totally ignored by users, journalists and bloggers:


Jon Banquer
San Diego,CA

Evan Yares

There are people who must make decisions based upon whether someone is a journalist.

Large vendors often spend significant amounts of money on journalists. For example, those attending Autodesk's world press days received free Nvidia Quadro graphics cards... and not the cheap ones either.

It's easy to be dismissive of a subject. It's harder to be thoughtful.


Perhaps bloggers become journalists once they deal with issues, such as these like:

-- what to do when threatened with a law suit?

-- how to make a living at this?

-- which comments should be deleted?

-- how to deal with disclosure and conflicts of interest?

-- which is the best way to respond to criticism?

And so on.

Edwin Muirhead

Ralph, well put! I heartily agree with you - especially after starting to read some of the posts, comments and arguments going on round the CAD 'blogosphere' lately!

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