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Apr 02, 2007


John McEleney


Perhaps we were not clear enough in our press release. SolidWorks is NOT getting into the 2d->3d conversion business, we are helping support the creation of a Rwandan based company which will offer these services.

Over the past several years we have been working with several Rwandan schools to help train students on SolidWorks, but more importantly on a broader set of topics including: design, manufacturing, QA processes, etc. It is my hope that through this training at KIST (Kigali Institute of Technology) and ETO Gitarama that we will help (in a small way) to build a brighter future for Rwanda.

These graduates will hopefully have the opportunity to be employed by Gasabo3D. Gasabo3D will offer a valuable service to our tens of thousands of 2D customers who are joining the SolidWorks community each year and in the process Gasabo3D will be able to offer a solid career (no pun intended) with meaningful wages.

With respect to innovate3D (Roopinder) - I have discussed this with him and he sees Gasabo3D as a potential supplier/sub-contractor for his business. I agree.


ps Gasabo is a special area in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda)

Roopinder Tara

Ralph, thanks for the mention. Being a "small, independant newsman," I certain can use the publicity as I try to make a success out of Innovate3D. However, rather than think of SolidWorks as competition, I applaud SolidWorks' initiative in Rwanda, both publicly (in my blog, newsletter and websites) as well as privately (to John McEleney, CEO of SolidWorks, and others). SolidWorks effort is heart-felt and worthy of coverage, especially in the present era where corporate callousness to the human condition is far too much in the forefront.

As Innovate3D grows, I do hope to use resources world wide and would consider using Rwanda's Gasabo3D a way to support the cause that SolidWorks has made us all aware of. As John mentions below, this is something we have both discussed.

And as for the present, there certainly appears to enough work for both of us!

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