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Feb 19, 2007


As a subscription and licensee of Autodesk's you have already agreed to allow Autodesk to conduct an audit of your premises and computers by electronic means...

Then YOU type in "customerinvolvementprogram" and agree to let AUTODESK open a link back to home their base???

Why not give Autodesk your office keys, security code information.

Come on guys look at the potential for this to go wrong; not necessarily their (Autodesk's) intention, but if the gate is closed and not locked YOU cannot blame anybody else if 'somebody' chooses to open it and walk through..... Caveat Emptor


Are you counting localizations in this contest? I seem to recall that the German localization of "GRID" or maybe "SNAP" was some eye-poppingly long compound word. It might weigh in over 26 letters. Anyone know?

ADT has some long commands too. Here's one of the longest I know of:


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