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Feb 13, 2007


Miles Archer

Funny joke: The new spell checker checks spelling in dimensions, zooms into misspelled words, and ignores words with nubmers.

Rob Cooper



Yet another lack luster release of autocad



Autodesk AutoCAD 2008


damiana lòpez lucero

solicito una sofwer gratis


Just one question about "Atext", lets say I have a drawing (DWG 1) and I've setup and used "Atext" in the model space and have viewports utilizing various scales in the paper space, then the text automatically displays at the proper scale, any text not set as "Atext" or set with an indicator for scale of that particular viewport is not displyed. That's what I'm reading as the intended purpose.

Ok, step further. If I have a drawing (DWG 2) in model space with "Atext" set with various scales. Then I "Xref" DWG 2 into the model space of DWG 3 and have various viewports of differing scales in the paperspace of DWG 3. Will the "Atext" work the same way "Xref'd" as it does "not Xref'd"?


Try an alternative to AutoCAD ? http://www.progesoft.com

solim mohammad khaleed

I have Autocad 2007 and i want to upgrade to autocad 2008


I want know diffraence bitween AUTOCAD LT and AUTOCAD2008


Why did Autodesk take away my qleader button? How can I get it back? I don't care for this mleader business....


Shut up!!! That's cool!


i am tutor of AutoCAD in my city. i didnot find yet AutoCAd 2007 tutorials. what i do?
plz i requset to a web site make for free tutorials.


I use nubmers all the time in my mtext. This is huge.


how can i convert to "dwf" file to "dwg" file


Hi..I am looking for 3D teacher..Preferable who knows ADT2007 or 2005...I live in madison, WI. I am willing to pay well for those who really knows it and is willing to teach me.


Hi..I am looking for 3D teacher..Preferable who knows ADT2007 or 2005...I live in madison, WI. I am willing to pay well for those who really knows it and is willing to teach me. [email protected]


How can I finde serial number to activate autocad 2008


please tell me how to load the v lisp programme in autocad 2008.


Cyril CM deGraft-Mettle

i have Vista premiun edition, which autocad version is compatible with this system. 2007 ni way, how about 2008?????????????


autoda 2008 install in windows 98 it is possible? not so ?


Hi, got autocad 2008 and would like to know where can i find the express tools to install.


wanted to know, can files saved in autocad 2008 be opened in autocad 2000 andvice versal?


I have a need to make a custom line type in Autocad 2008. I have had no success following the directions in the custom guide for 2006. I was successful creating a new custom line type in 2002 by opening the acad.lin file and copying an existing command and modifying it to suit my requirements. This method did not work in 2008. Is there a simple or understandable way to accomplish this?

Tim Derkatch

I recently switched to 2008, on of my favourite commands, quick select doesn't seem to be available???


I cannot seem to be able to use the always handy BEFORE my ex friend, "ALIGN".
What happened???
I am using AutoCAD LT 2008


AutoCAD 2008 runs on Vista 100% so does AutoCAD 2009. it will not install on Windows 98 like someone said.


Hi there,
In my AutoCAD (version 2008) both the LINEAR and the ALIGNED by the dimension pull-down menu, not working. i.e. I cannot determine the dimension of my drawings. All other functions are working well.

Is there someone who kindly can help with the problem?


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