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Jan 12, 2007



From my post in the discussion forum at www.adskvoda.com:
"I find it interesting that the new message implies that Autodesk *does* guarantee the integrity of Autodesk-created DWG files. I suspect that the implication is unintentional, and I wonder how long the new message will last before someone spots this apparent error."

Randall Newton

Ralph, if the ODA is smart, they will hire you as an expert witness.

R. Paul Waddington

As a matter of interest; DWG and DRG both are listed as Standard abbreviations for the word 'drawing' in the Australian Engineering Drawing Handbook. A document that precedes Autodesk and CADD in general by decades.


On Item 5 - DWG format is also used for all of the Intellicad versions.

Bob Monat

Pro/ENGINEER native drawings have an extension of drw. The dwg extension is for Autodesk compatible output.

John Nolin

It would seem to me that the very existance of hot fix patches for file-open errors, such as:
"ARX_ERROR: eDuplicateKey or ARX_ERROR: eNotThatKindOfClass
The error ARX_ERROR: eDuplicateKey can occur if you are working with a file that was saved in the 2004 or earlier DWG format from a 2007 based product. This error is caused by the presence of more recent version of AEC objects that are too complex to save back to an earlier drawing format.
Three Object Enabler Hotfixes have been released to prevent these errors."
Which are outlined in this Autodesk blog
would show that AutoCAD has a problem with DWGs from its own vertical products as well as from any outside sources. Saving a drawing in a DWG version other than the one you are working in is very common when sending files to vendors or customers, as you may be uncertain as to what release they are on even if the use AutoCAD itself.
It will be interesting if the judge can ever get to real numbers as to the failure rates of DWG files from various sources. Autodesk or VAR tech support might be the only places to have such numbers, but will that be considered too proprietary to demand as evidence?
If AutoCAD has documented fixes for its own internal cross vertical file-open errors, can the whole matter simply be thrown out of court?

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