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Jan 02, 2007


Anthony Frausto-Robledo

You don't have to go that far. "Trusted Data" is far enough for some CAD vendors, who shall go unnamed, to lock-in customers with fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). Anytime you smell FUD you have to step back and begin to question everything.

It's interesting to compare Apple and Microsoft when it comes to lock-in. Apple never goes the FUD route. They argue instead that "we build the whole widget and want to be fully responsible" or "our customers aren't asking for this now" -- as in the case of DRM with iTunes/iPod.

I personally think both arguments are far more grown-up and honest. At least you can verify the latter with 3rd party research. And you can opt out of the former.

Microsoft and others have this dirty habit of using FUD to get you into the same business relationship.

John Burrill

I read that article too. it was posted on Google groups (comp.cad.solidworks if I remember correctly)
I forwarded the article to NPR incase they wanted to run with it, but my question is, has anyone seen this stuff at work-installed Solidworks on release-candidate Vista, installed vista drivers, connected an HMDMI device and copied an HDDVD to their hard drives to see what the net effect is?

Yeah, I don't care either. I'm just pissed at the idea of the money coming out of my pocket to help Microsoft grease it's negotiating wheels with the likes of Sony BMG (lousy root-kit dropping bastards)


This article is a major source of FUD. Certainly many of it's facts are wrong. If you don't want to opt-in to DRM in order to get access to HD content, then you don't have to.



The article is FUD [fear, uncertainty, doubt] only if you have a financial interest in seeing Vista succeed.

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