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Dec 15, 2006


John Burrill

First, dibbs (you know, the little chocolate bite-sized icecream pieces) to Owen for getting the raw dump up for download.
It sucks to spew impassioned rhetoric about hearsay.
Next, I'm wondering if ODA might be able to make the claim that that counterfeiting the trustedDWG string is the only way remedy a defect in Autodesk's software-scripts will not execute as documented in the online help. (if it is, call me out and shut me up) I don't know if there's legal precedent, but it makes the action understandable. ODA said they wouldn't have touched the watermark if it served no other function in the drawing (http://www.opendesign.com/dwg2007update.asp) That may not get them off the hook, but consider what this means for Autodesk's position:
While complaining about DWGDirect libraries writing drawings that break AutoCAD (by causing it to crash), they're asserting their right to force dwgdirect to write drawings that break it (by tripping up script execution)
I don't know what the latin term in for this kind of malfeasance is, but we've all seen it lacing concepts like 'planned obsolescence' and 'job security'
So I'm thinking, yes, ODA should leave the trusted dwg api out of their libraries. There is some value to the consumer in being able to source a document. And to make it completely square-Autodesk should fix the script execution bug an leave the trusteddwg thing out of ECC checking-cuz I'm going to renew my original groaner:
What if I use windows to make a copy of a DWG file?
1)Has Microsoft just contributed to trademark infringement?
2)Since the file wasn't technically written by an autodesk product, should it be treated with 'trusteddwg' status?
Anyone for tennis?

Siem Eikelenboom

It is a very unpleasant feeling that Autodesk marks files for their entire life if these files have once been edited by other dwg-software. Files created by ZwCAD for example, cannot by made TrustedDWG, not even after exporting and importing DXF files from and back into AutoCAD 2008! (isn't that the proper way to create TrustedDWG?).

Is there anyone out there that wrote (or wants to write) a routine to create a TrustedDWG? If not, we are willing to do so. It must be possible to write a routine that runs within AutoCAD to "repair" a DWG file to a TrustedDWG file. Maybe someone can setup a webservice to upload DWG files and convert them to TrustedDWG using one AutoCAD-license for the whole world.

Please let me know (s.eikelenboom@ideoma.nl).


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