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Jul 30, 2006



After reading the above it sounds like the internal processes used to control the project were not up to the task - bad management. When management is blaming the tools.......it is not a good sign either. The tools are what they are and Boeing, using the same CAD (CATIA) software seems to be able to make it work as do other airframers.

One must ask why aluminum wiring is used when it is no longer allowed for home contruction in many locals due to the increased potential for fire initiation. I would think this would have been an issue since in-flight fires is the biggest threat in aviation. But then again if one is desperate for weight savings bad decisions follow ......

Evan Yares

Regards aluminum wiring -- the problem isn't with the wiring, it's with the connections. In the context of an airplane, those connections are likely to be gas-tight, and not subject to the thermal cycling problems inherent in home wiring.

Still, it would seem to me that the use of aluminum wiring would introduce a lot more criticcal engineering issues than the use of copper. But I'm not an expert in these things.

The wiring in airplanes is subject to far more thermal cycling than in home wiring, since every take off and landing cycle goes from ground temps to 40k feet. Much of the wiring is not in the climate controlled part of the plane. The connection technology has to be completely different.

It is interesting to note Airbus' prediction that CATIA will be fixed, to Boeing's benefit; since Boeing is almost to the same phase in the design cycle this seems like an early explanation for why they won't have the same problem...a little too conveniently.

I was in Toulouse in June, one rumor at the time was that the harness issue had to do with hand-crimping the aluminum wires to connectors. There is something like 500K of wiring in each aircraft. However, there are the "usual" issues that emerge in flight test...why is everyone so convinced that 787 will not have a delay? 747 is before my time, but it had delays...there is an assumption that Boeing's mismanagement of commercial programs ended with Sonic Cruiser.

Why not use fiber?

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