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Jul 27, 2005


Outside User

As my Pappy always used to say...
"You get what you pay for".


Seems shady. It would have been nice to be up front. Also, the internet connection is lame.

Richard  Williams

I am in disbelief about the bad news with Alibre Express. This is really a set back and I told so many people about this offer. I don't know now that even though its supposedly free, that it is worth downloading. I'm ashamed of Alibre for hiding these facts about the software.

Evan Yares

Bad news about Alibre?

What bad news?

- the 25 part limitation is not a significant issue for most people. That's 25 parts in one assembly -- not 25 parts total. Most assemblies are way less than 25 parts.

- Being online isn't a significant limitation for most people either. I had to be online to post this message. I'm online all the time.

Beyond this, if these things are a problem, and you find the software to be useful otherwise, it's cheap enough to upgrade to remove the limitations.

Let's be realistic: It costs a fortune to develop advanced CAD software, such as Design Xpress. Alibre is giving away a lot with this offer, on the belief that you'll like their software enough to buy the full-blown version.

I don't know too many other vendors who have made as good an offer.

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