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Nov 19, 2004


Kevin Anderson

It is not at all surprising or that shocking of news that LT out sells Vanilla Acad or the Verticals. Price is always the lowest common denominator. Company managers (or accountants), of say more than 5 seats, balk at paying out much more per station for the "big" program versions. But, those that choose to not just be "penny-wise" and really use the latest and greatest of the top platform offerings are light years ahead in terms creating, utilizing and managing the vast ammounts of information that can be generated in today's CADD world. I'm not discounting the obvious, that a few seats of both, makes tremendous sense for mid to large size companies. In terms of sales data, I think that the recent rise in LT seats should probably be viewed as that many more 2d cad seats available, as opposed to being replacements of their "bigger brothers".

James Donaldson

Replacement for their "big Brothers"! Or how about customer realization that AutoCAD is overpriced for what half of all CAD seats need. Just a good 2D program at a decent price. Too bad Autodesk hasn't figured this out yet, sales would likely more then double.

Karl Maas

Autodesk's focus is to get people to move to verticals. Less people need to stay with AutoCAD, they either would benefit from a move to a more specific program or are better of paying less and moving to LT. If you consider that the missing AutoCAD seats are now in a vertical, there are still more AutoCAD/vertical seats than LT because more people want more functionality and 'cool stuff' more than they want the money. Are the Inventor seats of this report missing or rolled into one of the other categories?

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