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Sep 22, 2004



I noticed that in May and assumed they were testing, and that DWG would soon appear in the file type pull down on the advanced search page - but so far no change there.

Could it be a feature they abandoned working on when the 2004 format came out? It was never likely to be perfect anyway, with all those control codes in mtext, but encryption must make things a lot harder.

K.S.Senthil kumar

This new feature in google has gained me a lot, but it would be better if the drawing had been displayed in the browser as a .jpg or .bmp file format. This would be helpful when students like me who browse in net cafes for .dwg files.


Displaying as JPG or BMP would require on-the-fly data conversion, which I think is beyond the scope of a search engine. This is a great reason to install the free VoloView plug-in from Autodesk, though.

Ken Anderson

Seems to be working for some versions of the .dwf file format as well!
handrail filetype:dwf
I wonder what version(s) of the .dwf that it can deal with

Kent Elrod

I think everyone should be warned about Google's new Desktop Search. It will look inside password protected XLS files. Even though Excel files password protection is fairly light weight, it keeps most people from peering inside. Now, just guess a word that might be in the file or use the file name as a search and the whole file is shown when you pick on the cached link in the results.


pls introducein ur mech,engg drawing basic thanking you siva


How do you print an 8.5 x 11 AutoCAD page in color?


You can also use DWG Browser. It allows searching, generates previews and exports HTML pages.

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