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May 25, 2012


Nice trick, well done!

To bad you can't view the files on the tablet. But a nice thing to charge your phone. The charging will it decrease the battery of the tablet?

Why my tablet pc shadow the word Mount SD card? Please help?

The phrase Mount SD card is shadowed, because your tablet is not recognizing the memory card. This could be due to a number of reasons:

- the cards capacity is too large for the tablet. Some are limited to 16 or 32GB.

- the card is not formatted correctly. Most tablets recognize FAT and FAT32 formatting, but might not be able to handle Windows NTFS and Mac formatting.

- the card has errors in its flash memory that prevent the tablet from reading it.

- if you are using a card reader or adapter, there might be a connection problem

I had this idea a while back but I can't find a cable with a female end.

You need two cables: one regular male-male USB cable for smartphones, and a second one with a female end, which you can probably find on eBay.

Could you view a web page accessed on the smartphone, on the larger tablet's screen? Thanks.

Thanks for sharing,could you please tell me with which device you test this functionality ?

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