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March 30, 2012


Funny, I tried Roam Mobility for the first time in San Francisco last month. This was using my "old" iPhone 3G (jailbroken).

As we were there for nine days, I purchased a 7 day talk/text/data plan, and two additional days.

Everything worked fine for the week, although data was slow on the Edge network. I'm sure the topography of San Francisco didn't help either. The problem occurred when the week long plan ended and it switched to the single day plan. I received a text that the one day plan had successfully started. However, after that I had nothing - no talk, text or data.

A call to tech support got the talk working again. I had to use a land line as even their 611 number didn't work. For the remainder of the trip text and data were zippo.

In the end, they were never able to explain what went wrong. I'd like to use them again but the glitch will certainly make me carry my iPhone 4 to the US as well.

I just tried them for the first time last week. I have an unlock Samsung Infuse 4G. When I put in my SIM card I got nothing. I call tech and they said "Oh.. turn of your phone and wait 10 minutes. He was going to try something. Ten minutes later my talk and text work but no data. I called again and set up my phone exactly like your instructions except uncheckiung data roaming. I left it checked and tech didn't tell me not too. Anyways after 5 calls and the tech telling me he will try something else and to reboot again I gave up. I will give them one for chance with the box unchecked but so far I'm not too happy with there tech support.

I have the same problem as Dave (on Dec 28), only I'm using a Nexus 4 (unlocked my Google, by default), and I also performed a factory reset. Android OS 4.3. A few weeks prior, everything worked fine and I had Data too!

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