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January 21, 2009


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Hey Ralph,

I'm not sure the CPU on your LG is dual core. LG's site identifies it as the N270. Intel's page below shows it got one core only.


Still, running AutoCAD on it is pretty cool. What release did you install?

Ralph, do you have a copy of an older version, like AutoCAD R14 or 2000? I'd really like to know how well older software would run, since that machine might have been considered a powerhouse in 2000.

I know a lot of people who still use Office 97 on really low-budget computers because it runs really fast.

Hi Ralph, Netbooks & Atom-CPU are a real step forward: KISS - keep it simple & small & very portable. My Wind U100 (or LG) runs Acad07, 3dStudio, Archicad 11 and SketchUp Pro without any problems. Atom is not a Celeron-type CPU and seems to have a FPU. I had to replace my ThinkPad & didn't want to buy Vista - so I took the Wind for testing & kept it. I have an external monitor both at home and office. The size of the Netbook is ideal for sitting in trains & airplanes. The two 6-cells give enough power for even the longest flights. - A very happy Netbook user. best regards, Thomas

how about an utility to scroll a bigger virtual desktop?

like this ie

I just installed Autocad 2004 Land development desktop full install on this acer aspire one im using right now (240$ on tiger direct) and it went without issue, no warnings about screen size or anything, I will be using this on the jobsite with 2d civil drawings so i think it will work fine along with the available 12v adapter

You can use WinMove, a utility for Netbooks to solve this very problem. The utility scrolls windows (from any software) up and down so you can access hidden parts of windows. It is free from:


Hello :) nice post,
i'm a new asus eee 1000 ha user and i'm running autocad 2007 smoothly, its beautiful. Great for using it in my classes and work. Also i'm running visual studio 2008 and rise of nations (MS pc game).
I'm loving my netbook! It's more like a complete notebook

I'm a designer who uses autocad all the time on top of other applications not necessarily multi tasking. I also have to use adobe illustrator and Photoshop for presentations. Can I load autocad 2008, Photoshop 7 or newer and illustrator cs on a netbook with 1 gb ram and 60 gb harddrive with windows 7? Will be purchasing something soon. So challenged technicaly with these specs. Thanks for any help!

I ran into that first problem.

Second monitor is unnecessary for most netbooks. Just rotate the view 90 degrees. Sure, it's difficult to use a pointing device with the view altered, but it beats having to scrounge up another monitor.

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