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Jul 03, 2013


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Natalie Beumer

Awesome! THANKYOU SO MUCH! This was easy and it worked. 1200 MB free! I feel like I just won the lottery. I'm sharing this link with everyone.... just as soon as I catch my breath from dancing around my living room.... YES!


Hello.. well your technique has at least removed the thumbdata file but it doesnt have effect on my memory..
previously, my phone was having a free space of approx 900 MB. now even after removing 2 thumbdata files of apporx 450 MB its still shows 1.0 GB free space in my phone..
it should be around 1.8 GB ..
can u help me..

thank u..

Ralph Grabowski

I think the thumbnail file starts growing again.


My phone is Sony xperia sp. The thumbnail file keeps on growing again. What to do?


My phone eon't ler me create a file with the same name. :(


Thanks for the support . It helped me to get extra 2.5 GB space internal memory. Great article dude... :) Pandu


Whoa! I cleared 1.8 GB of space!! There were two thumnail files.

Thanks for sharing!


It don't last.

The file gets bigger after a while (a few days)


Thanks but I'm using nexus5& 7 the file come back after you view your gallery again .there's got to be a way cause I was 5to 8 GB with this .you find another way please let me not thanks


Can u believe how much data I had 9 gb. Yes ur right why android is doing this. Pls. Remove this bug.


I have Sony Xperia L. Above procedure of deleting thumnail file & creating dummy file with same name works only for 2-3 days, the mobile agains creates thubmnail file of 2gb. Is there any permanent solution to this?


Guys I renamed parent '.thumbnail' folder to '.thmbnailqq' & this itself solved this problem :-) try it out.

Jake Epping

That was the best instruction for a slightly technical programmer-y process I've ever seen in the history of the internet!

Thank you, kind genius.

Followed your steps to a T and, if that thumbnail creation business stops, you just got me back 3.2gb on my annoying Nexus 4--Don't get me wrong, I love the phone, but the no external memory business has been such a pain over the last year that I'm probably ditching Google devices.

I would love recommendations on possible replacement phones, as I am due for a new one and, as I said, am not interested in phones that limit you to XXgb+Cloud. I shudder to think how much time I've spent managing storage capacity issues on the Nexus 4. Never again!


When I even take a screen shot the same dummy file I made just grew back in size and toke up back all my memory again pls help!!!!!


Also, move any downloaded files over to your SD card. I had this problem because I kept downloading music and movies. Also deleted the thumbnail files but it didn't really show that I made space just yet maybe because I haven't disconnected it yet.

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