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Feb 04, 2013


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Apple's lack of Micro-SD is maximalist: they're trying hard to maximize profits...you have to buy what you think you might use, at inflated prices (I've seen 32G micro SD cards for under $20).

Ralph Grabowski

The piece by Jean-Louis Gassée illustrates Apple's $100 increments in RAM pricing:

Base model (16GB) = $500
32GB model = $100 more (should be $10 more)
64GB mode = $100 more (should be $20 more)
128GB model = $100 more (should be $40 more)

It's the 32GB buyer who gets ripped off the most.

The pricing is deliberate, so that buyers think, "Oh, for just $100 more I get double the RAM" each stage along the way.

Of course, Android tablet makers do almost the same; they tend to charge $50 for each doubling of RAM. OTOH, they tend to have SD or microSD slots -- except for models by Google.

This tactic allows by Apple and Android makers to offer the base model cheaper, in effect subsidizing it by the excess prices of the higher RAM models.

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