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Jan 08, 2013


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Kevin E.

Oh Ahab, are you hunting your white whale again?

Windows Phone's fate will be tied to the fate of Windows 8. Windows Phone now runs on the Windows RT kernel. While it isn't exactly the same, from what I understand if you are going to make a WinRT app, it wouldn't be much more work to make a Windows Phone app or vice versa.

I think it is too early to tell if this will succeed or fail, but I can see you are loving their position right now.

Ralph Grabowski

>I understand if you are going to make a WinRT app,
>it wouldn't be much more work to make a Windows
>Phone app or vice versa.

This is what Windoze fanz keep telling me, but I ain't seeing it. Autodesk was mum on Windows 8 at AU, Bentley was pretty mum on it at BE, and I expect SolidWorks to mimic the others at SWW.

There is no "there" there.

Kevin E.

I'd like to make a correction. That should read Windows NT kernel, not RT.

Kevin E.

So you don't believe that Autodesk will support Windows 8? Did the version of Inventor that was released just before Windows 7 list support for Windows 7? Did it a short time afterwards?

I also find it ironic that a Linux fan is taking shots at the Windows Phone marketshare.......

Ralph Grabowski

> I can see you are loving their position right now.

Yum, yum.... Microsoft's plunge into consumer oblivion makes many of my post-Christmas blues go away.


The landscape is shifting but lets say Windows (RT/Desktop/Mobile) ends up with say 30% of the Tablet/PC/Phone mix.

Then consider RT/Metro/Modern UI is Windows and the desktop is merely supremely powerful legacy app for those old apps.

That is what Windows 8 is heading for and Desktop will be there, like DOS Command window now, but hardly ever used?

Worth developing for?

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