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Nov 08, 2012


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- "The statistics released this week put this factoid to rest; only 15% of smartphone users worldwide use an iPhone and 50% use an iPad"

That's false. You're mixing up user base and market share (for one and only one quarter).

- "Nearly every Android smartphone app is also an Android tablet app"

And as a result, almost 100% of the Android "tablet apps" are actually blown-up smartphone apps. It may look OK on a 7", but certainly not on a 10". When you ease the life of the developpers, you often complicate the life of the end users.

Ralph Grabowski

Android smartphone apps are not "blown up" on tablets. This is the effect you get on iPads.

For instance, Instragram on iPad runs in a tiny window, or else the user can blow it up to run it in fuzzy full-screen mode.

On Android tablets, smartphone apps look clear and clean. Sometimes there is extra space in the UI, but I would say that more white space is preferable to the blurry look iPhone apps suffer from.

I find that iOS users suffer from many misconceptions about Android, as fed to them by Apple marketing through online publications. Because I use both platforms, I understand the disadvantages and advantages of each one.


Why is a CAD blog so focused on this ios vs droid war? There are quite a few viable operating systems at the phone, tablet, and even pc levels. Depending on whether you're courting the power user, the everyman, or a specific niche, it may make sense to work with one or all of them.

I don't think ios is better than android, but it has both pros and cons. If you want to be taken seriously as an analyst, I think it makes sense to print both sides of the story in an unbiased view.

Ralph Grabowski

Easy! It's my blog and I can obsess over whatever I want to. (I am not an analyst; I am a freelance writer.) Like you, I use both, but...

But I am writing this series to counter the misinformation Apple marketing spreads about the apparent shortcomings of Android -- factoids that the general media and computing sites mindlessly repeat. Like the one about there not being "enough" apps for Android tablets.

Arnold van der Weide

Teigha® from the Open Design Alliance is available on both iOS and Android. Some of our members are building applications for iOS and some on Android or on both operating systems depending on their target markets. We are also porting Teigha to Windows 8 again because there is demand in the ODA membership. In my view it is too early to establish who will be the market leader.
For myself I have two iPads, an Android based smartphone and an Android based tablet. There isn’t much difference can do my work on either of them but am convinced that I am using my last Windows based laptop.

Kevin E.

I agree with the app scaling to an extent.

However, with larger screens, it makes sense to use that space dfferently. Simply scaling the app to fit the space isn't an effective use of the layout. You have room to do more with a tablet UI. You can do things that don't make sense on smaller phone screen.

Preston Roberson

According to me I came to know that there is many employees are waiting o be as Android Developer and whatever lacking in the Android system is being improved by new version updation.

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