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Nov 27, 2012


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Steve Johnson

Carl had a perfect platform here to either confirm his earlier statement about the death of Autodesk desktop software in 2-3 years, or to align himself with his underlings who are saying the opposite.

Did he do either, or is he leaving the FUD in the air?

Ralph Grabowski

My theory is that he wants all of his company's software to run only on the cloud, but for now desktop software will continue to exist.
I wish Autodesk would use the phrase that Andrew Anagnost has used, "cloud-assisted desktop," which explains things very well. Also, the abbreviation spells "CAD."

Dave Ault

Nice. To bad Bass did not get asked about the US governments position that once things are in the cloud at a server farm the data is not yours any more. Legitimate customers using Megaupload for storage and file transfers are still trying to get their data back after a year has passed when the US government seized it all.

I guess these companies figure we can't read or research the reality of the cloud world for CAD today so they can just trot out whatever whopper they want to today and then sweep legitimate concerns under the carpet.

Steve Johnson

Is that a "no, he didn't clarify the matter"?

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