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Apr 13, 2012


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System text will become even tinier. (System text is already almost too small on my main 2048x1152 monitor, and so I sometimes will drag a window over to the second, 1360x768 monitor to read its contents more easily.)

This doesn't necessarily need to be true. Apple take advantage of the 'Retina Display' improvements in dpi to high-res their graphics, not make them smaller.

D Midi

..."100-buck big-screen monitors we currently enjoy"...

Enjoy? How about "tolerate" at best, curse endlessly on a bad day.

I'm sure the Apple executives enjoy their laugh at the PC 'ecosystem' and their insistence on cutting costs and making everyone suffer the consequences, rather than raising expectations (and prices) for those segments of the market that like seeing natural colors at high resolutions and viewing angles.

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