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Mar 08, 2012


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Kevin E.

Ralph, are you trying to make get quoted in your own "Spin doctor" quote?

Most PC manufacturers have a far more confusing names compared to what Apple uses. Usually some random set of numbers that don't mean a lot. Go to the Dell or HP website and try to configure a computer and tell me if you think the consumer would be more confused on those sites or on Apple's site.

I just checked the Autodesk website under Autocad for Mac. It seems they list a pretty specific set of systems and requirements for running Autocad on the Mac so not sure what you are getting at there.

Comparing system specs on paper is silly. It would be like comparing the horsepower of 2 cars and then declaring on car to be the winner of drag race without actually running the race. You have to run the race.

I think your love for Linux/Android tends to get your to twist stories to your beliefs.

Ralph Grabowski

The problem CAD vendors have with Apple is the company's vague statements and access to the graphics chip, as I have noted many times before.

Apple's vagueness regarding hardware specs does not help it. For instance, that the new iPad has 1GB RAM is only an educated guess.

Nothing wrong with noting problems in Android, iOS, Linux, OS X, and Windows -- as I regularly do -- and it has nothing to do with love or beliefs. As we well know, Mac users' love for Apple hardware/software causes them twists stories to their beliefs -- also.


I think there is some confusion in your article with regard to download size of iOS apps; the 3G limit has been raised to 50MB, but the size of app which can be downloaded via wifi is still somewhere in the region of 2GB.

Ralph Grabowski

On Android Market (now renamed Google Play) the respective limits are 50MB for cell phone downloads and 4GB for WiFi downloads.

Kevin E.

Is that for all of the Android markets, or just Google's market?

Now, how is that for consumer confusion?

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