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Mar 01, 2012


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Kevin E.

Based on the above scren shot, PTC looks to have come a long ways. But other software has been doing things like realtime preview of features for a long time now. They have a modern UI for a long long long time now. At this point, I don't think they can catch up again.


hmm, cut extrudes on drag were part of Creo 1.0

Espen Berg

Still menu-manager remains in Creo. This company will serious struggle against SolidWorks or Inventor when it takes them years to get the same functionality as their competitors.




well, maybe it is easier to port to iOS due to PTC's UNIX heritage, but then again PTC's UNIX heritage seriously hurt them since their competitor solidworks went native Windows and produced a product that compared very favorably - pro/e was a "port" and a user was always reminded of it via sluggish UI, etc.

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