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Mar 20, 2012


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Jon Banquer

SpaceClaim continues to add as well as to fix basic core functionality. This compares very favorably to what SolidWorks does which is add new features and not fix their basic CAD tools that have been badly broken for many years.

It's too bad CAM vendors aren't pounding at SpaceClaim's door begging to OEM license SpaceClaim because SpaceClaim is the ideal host for a CAM product. SpaceClaim's API is just one more thing in a huge list of things that SpaceClaim has got right. I'm no fanboi but I love using SpaceClaim and I love their approach to development.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

Rajeev Lochan

SpaceClaim API is definitely good and is improving with the release of every version.

A great advantage with its API versioning is that if a user buys an addin/app, he can use the same addin (without upgrading) in the coming releases of SpaceClaim. Which is not possible for any other CAD software (AFAIK).

Btw, in the webinar on SpaceClaim API by Blake Courter, apart from the jewelry design addin, he also showed a demo of SC-Motion (http://www.ar-cad.com/sc-motion/index.html), a motion and dynamic simulation addin for SpaceClaim.

Dave Johnson

Good article Ralph.

Needless to say this why the SpaceClaim partner program is growing quickly.

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