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Feb 23, 2012


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I understand why. Have an old inkjet and had not used for a while. It was printing poorly but not sure if the ink/heads or printer paper feed etc.

New set of ink/heads to find out if that was the fix would be $140.

New B/W Laser printer $95, replacement toner for laser printer $75

(does that mean the printer really cost $20?)

Decided I could live with B/W!

Ralph Grabowski

Is that old inkjet an Epson model? They are notorious for plugging up, based on the experience of the one Epson I owned, and from those friends and relatives have owned.

HP uses a different technology (licensed from Canon, I think) and so never plug up. As long as you don't get the cheapest HP models (ie, under $100), then I find they work well -- except for being much slower than laser printers, due to the time it takes to clean the print heads!


No, I was a Canon fan (hate to think how much my A3 colour bubblejet cost back in the day) but this one was a "free" A4 Lexmark which came with a CorelDraw update. It was worth about as much as I paid for it!

You are right re HP/Canon tech, originally anyway but don't know how much HP have developed since.

Years ago when the America's Cup was here HP had a pavilion decked out with the "HP Invents" PR bumpf. Someone I know who worked for Canon wanted to go in there wearing "Actually they just licenced" bubble jet t shirts ")

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