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Nov 11, 2011


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I think that there are a lot of mistakes in this article:

1) FLEXLM licensing system function well if you install it properly (Netweork card priority and sleep mode disabled of course), it's used for all professional software and permit globetrotting licensing (for industry that produces their products in different country)saving money for cad licenses... and at least can borrow licence to laptops!

2)Creo can manage all the file extension from other software SOLIDWORKS INVENTOR CATIA NX using ATB profile wich is better than a conversion because permit to use parts in native format without break relations with the original model which can be modified with the original kernel and updated into CREO.. never heard about DIGITAL MOKUP?

3)One of the module that you didn't mention is the flexible modeling inside creo parametric that permits to modify geometry starting from whatever formats symply recognizing geometry (not boring feature recogniziong process like others). this procedure permit amazing modifications to the model even duplication ,new reference feature in 3d curved surface too wich is impossible with feature recognizing!!

4) Assembly management is one the best on the market... have you never tried assembly with more than 1000 parts in different folders and different configurations??? try it with dassault products if you can!!

5) All other software that you mantion in your article are parasolid kernel based=VB Dipendent and really difficult to manage for the IT structure... they need the double of processor, the double of disk space and 4 time the ram that CREO need to make the same job or assembly!!
Everytime that you upgrade the version or the service pack of SOLIDWORKS for example you need to run installation CD (8GB Compressed!!!! a lot!!!)on all the machines... than SP1...than SP2... Than SP3... ecc... In a factory with 10 seats you need 1 or 2 day to do that and the technical office doesn't work!!!
Creo can be installed only in one PC (2.5GB only) and than copy and pasted over the network or directly server installed if you have a VM farm!

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