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Dec 08, 2009


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There is something to be said about KeyCreator and CoCreate being the pioneers of explicit modeling.

Hats of to CADKEY/KeyCreator for sticking to their vision!

Paul Hamilton


Thanks for the great summary. Let me know if you have any other questions. Explicit Modeling has gained a lot of momentum in the market during the last year and it is fun being a part of it.

Regarding the comment about Kubotek’s 25 years of explicit/direct modeling. I understood that while CADKEY had 2D design and surface modeling during the 80s and 90s, it wasn’t untll Kubotek introducted KeyCreator in 2004, that the company introduced broader direct modeling capabilities, that post dates CoCreate by a decade. Maybe someone from Kubotek can correct me if I'm wrong.

It’s great to see lots of interest in explicit modeling and have several of the CAD vendors, and their customers, validate the explicit modeling approach.


Jeff Waters

I liked the clash detection and kinematics.

The "Mechanica" FEA seems to be calling an external MSC.nastran instance... not the P-elements of PTCs Mechanica (the original Rasna crew). Seems a bit odd.

I did not get a satisfactory answer to "what's the difference between Direct Modeling and Explicit Moderling" or "why is CoCreate better than other Direct Modelers" or "why would someone choose CoCreate instead of Pro/E." And, I was led to believe that the 1st two were the major reason for the webinar...

Ralph Grabowski


You are right on the "what's the difference between explicit and direct modeling?" question. I didn't hear an answer to that, explicitly. Implicitly, however, it appears that PTC views direct modeling/editing to be a subset of explicit modeling.



The references to Advanced Mechanica simulation do indeed mean Mechanica. This is a new capability - perform the geometric modeling in CoCreate and do all the FEA in Mechanica, whilst keeping the geometry associated. This gives users access to more advanced FE capabilities (contact, hyperelasticity, large displacement analysis...)

Additionally, the embedded FEA for static stress/thermal does use an embedded MSC Nastran solver.

Hope this clears it up!

Jeff Waters

@Greg Thanks. Ah, so it's not really Mechanica (as found in Pro/E) with P elements. It's more standard H-elements in MSC.Nastran. I'm curious if you could share the rationale behind that (though totally understand if you can not).

Jon Banquer

I really like what PTC is doing with CoCreate and how they are marketing it. In my mind they have easily become the market leaders for direct / explicit modeling.

While everyone is focused on what were are calling direct modeling this week I'm a lot more interested to see if PTC is going to find an independent CAM company to provide a CAM solution that runs inside of CoCreate. Pro/Engineer actually has this as Open Mind's Hypermill runs inside of Pro/Engineer. I would love to see Open Mind's Hypermill run inside of CoCreate.

Until PTC finds a way to get independent CAM companies to create CAM programs that run inside of CoCreate small machining job shops won't get the kind of benefit from CoCreate that they they really need from fully integrated CADCAM.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

Libby Fink

Ralph, to answer your question about what happened to the 1 million number vs. 130k downloads of CoCreate Personal Edition, there were 130k + downloads but the product has been STARTED over 1M times. We found this to be a significant figure because it indicates the value of the product to the customer, meaning they are actually working with it. Pure download numbers are not real indicators of the way a product is received by the user. Curiosity, download, trash. We found it interesting to communicate the 1M number to show that the product is valued by the customer and is in use.

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