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Sep 06, 2006


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I see the following in red ...

NOTES: You must use Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later to perform this download.
Solid Edge 2D Drafting requires Windows XP.


Because we at UGS care about our users. :)

Richard Williams

Fortunately I had no problem downloading the free 2D Solid Edge version and have already started telling my friends about it. I have used the 3D version and it really has some neat things in it. Great Program from a great USA Company.


Since Microsoft have drop main support for windows 2000 and below UGS cannot support this OS system.

This is why it will install only on XP + operating system.

For me it is a logical way.....

Also i believe you can order a cd so download is not a major issue (this has to be confirm)

Or look at the nearest reseller in you region they probably will be able to provide you the CD.

This is also a good way to start using the soft and see the full potential.



tells me "Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /pub/SE2DDraft.exe on this server." after proper form was filled out...have IE 6.0

will someone post this file somewere else so we can download it?

Sunith babu

I found that the tool was good to start with and ofcourse its free. One can use this software with out any problem for personal use and learning drafting is a easy way, For a beginner.




this is a good software


Hello, ich have one question, may this software also be used for comercial use?

I think yes, baxause this in the FAQ file,
page 3 down.


Do somebody know the answer?
I cannot run it, I have WIN2000 Prof.
but if it´s free for every use, the
it´s a good reaso to switch to XP Prof.

Alexander Gerhard Schmidt

Dear Mams and Sirs,
I`ve download SE2DDraft 231MB and I didn`t got your ID-Code via E-mail to open the Programm!
Please se me this Code

Alexander Gerhard Schmidt



Yes, this software can be used commercially. UGS hopes that you will eventually migrate to their for-pay 3D software, naturally.


Alexander Gerhard Schmidt:

You have to contact UGS for the license number. Sometimes it takes a while for the license info to arrive by email.

Fred Becker

I have dowloaded, installed the license key, but the program starts up and shuts down immediatly.Did I over look something ?
The email referred the licencens as a TXT file, however the attachment is allready a DAT file.
What are the hardware requirements under WINXP
Fred Becker


Dear sir
I want to download this software ,but it is large & may take 3 days to complete downloading.
please help me out.


well i think this software called solid edge 2d is not for commercial use cos i read its agreement rules besides u can use it for urself only .. they are saying over net that its free for commercial use but in agreement they say its not ...besides it couldnt catch up ith the autocad features though i think its 3d cad would be like a good oopertunity for the company but 2 d is not that great i feel so...


I am interested to know about solid edge drafting


Sir, I want to download solid Edge.Pls help me for the same.
With regards,


I want to down load solid edge for which I am hihly thakful o you
..With reagards

its only 2d that is available for free

Ragnar Thor Mikkelsen

Why nt tr alibre Xpress, also free, but 2D AND 3D parametric modelling.

r hoffmann

1. Please advise how to create a shortcut to open "Free" 2d Sold Edge.

2. I opened one file that said the "free" download has only 25 days left and is not a free software but only a demo. What gives on this?


Ralph Hoffmann


Please send me the URL address for downloading Solid Edge software .

Thanks & Regards,

tapendra singh godara

i want to use solid edge software


Solid Edge 2D is great for Training and learning the system. There is a great deal of functionality for Training in Solid Edge CAD with this package. This also works with Teamcenter Express and network drives and loads data without the models having to be loaded.

Manu Bharadwaj G



It seems that they are begrudgingly giving it away, 3 days to download 230MB?? I gave up.

Jason Zakibe

I'm with Siemens PLM Software, and don't want this to be construed as merely advertising. However, I can say we are not begrudging at all about giving the software away. Anyone that has problems with the download can call 800-807-2200, select Option 1 and request a CD be mailed out at no cost.




vishnuvardhan r

this is a stupid website i was trying to install solid edge version 18 but it was asking some stupid questions but i am an
student but it asking which company please accept my comment to install the solid edge software

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