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May 04, 2005


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Nick Eales`

BricsCad, which is based on IntelliCAD, gets better and better. There are comprehensive options for customisation, excellent support, and an amazing price.

Chris Kelly

I bought both bricscad IntelliCAD v.5 and cadopia IntelliCAD v.4 and I've also tried cadopia v.5.
I have to say that the bricscad version is many times better. Maybe Cadopia will catch up but there really is a big difference and I think Cadopia would just put you off right now. If anyone is interested in looking into it don't just try one and throw it out. The differences in performance and features are not small.

Len Rafuse

I read somewhere else on the web that Bricscad had made significant improvements to Intellicad and the ITC had paid for their updated code. The updated code will be included in Intellicad 6.

I must agree that BricsCAD 6 is much better than CADopia 5. Maybe CADopia 6 will be up to snuff. But how long will we need to wait before its out?

bricscad sucks it crashes often (for exemple when you save), it has drawing display bug (no xline stay at the prvious screen size when you zoom out) and it is still slow. I was first impressed by it but now it is two week i work on it and i won't buy it. try it 30 days before doing a mistake...


Cadopia 6 is set to release this month. Which is many times better than its previous version and even better than bricscad IntelliCAD 6 while handling the big size files.
Its really is a fun.. using it

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