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Apr 21, 2005


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Evan Yares

Autodesk is a public company. They're behaving in a rational way by trying to balance the sales of different product lines, both by differentiating with features, and with price. They keep an artificial gulf between features in full AutoCAD and LT, and vary the price difference between the products around the world to balance sales.

In Australia, the price of AutoCAD LT is AU$1,995 -- which works out to more than US$1,500. That's nothing, of course, compared to full blown AutoCAD -- which is more than US$4,600!

Of course, Autodesk can command these prices, because there is no effective competition. IntelliCAD and PowerCAD are the maim competitors, and they are not practical alternatives for many users (yes, they're good programs, but they're in a catch-up game with AutoCAD.)

So, your observation about Autodesk being "stuck" is a good one.

I'd say, based on my conversations with drcAuto president Gary D'Arcy, and my experience with Autodesk, that the technical difficulties in adding capabilities to LT are increasing. That is, Autodesk is likely putting technical roadblocks in place, specifically to limit drcAuto's ability to make LT more powerful. Beyond this, I've heard from a number of Autodesk Developer Network members who were told, in not so subtle terms, that they shouldn't be using drcAuto's software. Given Autodesk's monopoly position in the DWG-based CAD market, this could possibly cause them trouble, if someone pointed it out to the FTC -- but so far it hasn't happened.

Just for the record, though, if drcAuto was actually doing anything wrong, it's likely that Autodesk would have taken some legal action. They've not. However, for a little bit more background, see UpFront.eZine issue #359 (http://www.upfrontezine.com/2003/upf-359.htm

So, from a user standpoint, not only is it not a "danger" to use drcAuto's software, it's actually a good economic choice. For the typical 2D drafter, the combination of AutoCAD LT and drcAuto's extensions is a compelling alternative to full AutoCAD. Are there some limitations? Sure. But for many users, they're not a big issue.

Michael Wilkinson

The use of add-on software to replace commands deleted from full Acad in Autocad LT makes good business sense to most areas outsite the US as Autodesk continue to leverage profits by not adjusting the price against the US dollar.

In New Zealand, LT 2006 costs $2550.15 (over US$1785) In the US it costs US$899 though I have seen it for ES$772. Similarly, full Acad 2006 is NZ$8340.75 (over US$5839). Upgrade costs are similarly disproportional.

These costs must add to the temptation of the unscrupulous to use illegal copies of the product.

For a small firm using CAD, the ability to add commands to LT to make it more like full Acad can make the difference in being able to stay competitive. I can run 3 stations using LT with add-ons, whereas the alternative is to run one full version.

My only wish is that DRCAUTO and similar software suppliers can continue to work around the restrictions Autodesk continually add to LT.

sajid Ahmed

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