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Dec 22, 2004


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Tony Tanzillo

In your comments on TurboCAD 10.5's constraints, you wrote:

"Constraints - The drawback to constraints is that it takes advance planning to implement: which objects are supposed to connect, and how do they connect? "

This is not really the case. Constraints can be defined explicitly, or 'derived' by inference. For example, when you draw a line and object snap one of its endpoints to the end of another line, the software can recognize that 'implied' relationship, and define a constraint for you, on the fly, as you draw.

In fact, that's exactly how the feature (known as 'Relationships') in Intergraph's SmartSketch works - It watches what the user does and defines constraints for them on the fly, based on the implied relationships inferred by various actions (such as connecting the end of a line to another line, or drawing a line parallel or perpenducular to another line, and so on).

Unfortunately for AutoCAD users, while DCubed constraint management technology has been around in various incarnations for well over ten years in products costing the same as AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD still to this day, lacks any form of generic, constraint-based functionality.

Mike Young

How do you turn on the top tab line in TurboCAD 11?

Such as standar, line, ARC, Dimension, Text, #D, Modify, Cpy, Constraints, Properties


Thank You

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