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Feb 02, 2004


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send me information about CAD plotting

ralphg replies:Plotting is a broad topic, and your question is general. Can you be more specific? Thx.


Option 1, setting up LT for batch plotting, doesn't explain how to "batch" plot. Only info given is for setting up Autospool for a single dwg. The attempt here is to avoid having to open (and print) dwgs one at a time when there are many to plot.
* Is it possible to use Autospool for multible dwgs?
* How can a script be written to make a plot file for all dwgs in a specific folder so it can be used with Autospool?
I'm looking to batch plot without asking my employer to spend more money for this option (because they won't). I'm also trying to save time by not having to rewrite scripts each time I have a different series of dwgs to plot.
Thx for your help.


You will need to use third party software.

Our program Multi-Batch can do this and a lot more. It gives you the power of AutoCAD's full version utilities, Batch plot and ScriptPro in a much easier to understand and use single package.

It has five wizards for creating new routines including two for plotting, plus plenty of standard routines to get you started.

A free demo of Multi-Batch can be downloaded from http://www.multi-batch.com



i want to plot the drawings with respect to the roll loaded in the plotter,
so, to suit the roller i have to set my drawings based on sizes, to be printed with minimum wastage of paper and to save my time. can u suggest any software and let me know how to create a batch plot


I am wondering if anyone has a script file that will alow me to print multi files that are open eg it plots the drawing (selecting a printer) and closes then plots the next drawing

Michael Hayes

I wrote a spreadsheet to produce Autocad Lite Script files which allow batch plotting.
See the following thread for a copy of the Excel Sheet.

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